From left to right: COMPACT mentor Veronica McKay, COMPACT Executive Director George Fuller and Timber Creek High School teacher Nydia Chaves

Can’t be a Mentor? Speak for us! Please invite others to serve as mentors or to support the COMPACT Program or help us by speaking to a COMPACT class.

“As mentors, you’re planting a seed that may not take root for years.  But let me tell you, when it does, the benefits are undeniable.  Studies have shown that young people with mentors are more likely to graduate from high school and set higher goals for themselves, and they’re less likely to skip school, use drugs, or fight. . . By watching their mentors, children learn to expect more from themselves, they learn to reach just a little higher, they learn how to handle conflict and disappointment when things don’t work out right.

 But the rewards go both ways, as you all know.  For some of you, forging a mentoring relationship is a meaningful way to get involved in your own communities, or to broaden your own view of the world.  It can be a chance to pay back someone who made a difference in your life by doing the same thing for someone else.  And it is an amazing feeling when you can help a child discover the best in themselves, isn’t it?  It’s amazing!” –First Lady Michelle Obama,  National Mentoring Summit, January 25, 2011


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” –Oprah Winfrey