Become a Mentor

2012 Mentor of the Year Sandra Trotter with her mentees at the Vista Lakes Elementary School.

Your path to become a mentor begins here. Follow these easy steps:

  1.  Fill out an online application:
    1. New Mentors: Complete an ADDitions School Volunteer online Application (an annual process) by going to click on Mentoring Programs.
    2. Existing Mentors: Update your ADDitions School Volunteer online Application (an annual process) by going to click on Mentoring Programs enter your Social Security Number and update any information that has changed since last year.
  2. Read the COMPACT Mentor Agreement.
  3. Head over to our Participating Schools page to see where you might be mentoring.

You will be notified of approval or disapproval status by the individual school volunteer coordinator (application is processed and subject to a criminal history background check).

After being approved, you will receive information about your orientation and then be matched with a student.

Good luck and have a great year with your students!

If you have any questions, please contact Rocky Robinson at (407) 317-3200 extension 2796.

COMPACT Mentor of the Year, Starla Milhoan with her mentees from Orlo Vista Elementary School.


Created in 1989 by former Orlando Mayor, Bill Frederick, Orlando/Orange County COMPACT is a business/education partnership. Its mission is to assist students, particularly the disadvantaged, to become productive, contributing members of society.  To accomplish this we rely on dedicated mentors like you!  Thanks for offering to befriend and mentor a student or a group of students.  This mentor guide is designed to give you support and suggestions that will help you have a meaningful and successful mentoring experience.

It may take a while to establish a trusting relationship with your student (s).  Please do not get discouraged.  One of the most important things you can do for your students is to be there as promised.  Meet on your scheduled day or call if you must reschedule.

As a mentor, you should strive to help your student to develop self-confidence; improve grades, attendance and behavior; relate more positively to adults and broaden his or her life experiences.  Results don’t usually come quickly, but try to be a patient and supportive role model regardless of what the results appear to be.

I hope that you will enjoy your experience as a mentor. We appreciate your participation and commitment to our youth.  Thanks for all that you do to help us help our students reach their full potential.

A. George Fuller

Executive Director


Vista Lakes Elementary School mentor Todd Sickles with student.

COMPACT Mentor Agreement

This document serves as an agreement between COMPACT and me as a COMPACT mentor. I specifically understand and agree to the following conditions:

My commitment to COMPACT is for a period of one school year and may be extended beyond that period

This is a voluntary involvement on my part and on the part of my student that may be terminated at any time by either party if necessary

I am considered an ADDitions Volunteer with the Orange County Public School system and have the same legal rights and responsibilities as other volunteers with OCPS

My consistent commitment will be to my mentee:

–To aid him/her to matriculate successfully through COMPACT

–To assist my mentee in developing a realistic plan of action, including goals and expectations on both our parts

–To meet my mentee’s parents/guardians early in the relationship

–To meet my mentee on a weekly basis at school

–To contact either my mentee or my mentee’s teacher/coordinator directly if unable to meet during a given week

–To attend all recommended mentor training workshops and feedback sessions

–To provide information and your personal work experiences to assist my student in preparing for a career or advanced educational opportunities

–To participate in any recommended consultations with mentee, parents or guardians, teachers or administrators when requested to attend

–To inform the COMPACT teacher of any needs beyond those stated in this agreement.

Note that taking students off campus should be a rarity and should only be done with the written permission of the student’s parents or guardians.

I understand that there is a COMPACT team to assist me in fulfilling this agreement.

Mike McDonough, co-recipient, Volunteer of the Year Award, poses with 3 of the several students he mentors and tutors at Vista Lakes Elementary School.

Orange County Public Schools Guidelines and Policies

ADDitions Volunteer Applications All mentors must complete an ADDitions volunteer application which includes a criminal background check.  Mentors can meet with their assigned student after the completion of the background check.  To register as a volunteer, go to the OCPS Community Resources website:  Click on the ADDitions Online Application (this is a secured site).  Enter your information into the online application.  Remember you must complete the highlighted red boxes to have your form accepted.  Make sure to mark COMPACT in the “Type of Work Preferred” selection and follow the instructions for the selection of the location you wish to volunteer.  Click the “Send” button to submit.  You will receive confirmation via e-mail that your application has been received.  We will contact you when your security clearance has been approved.

Signing In All mentors are required to sign in and sign out in the school’s main office via the Volunteer/Visitor Sign-In Computer.  The Sign-In process uses your Social Security Number (which is not printed on the screen) as your access code.  You will be requested to print a badge that you are requested to wear at all times while on campus.

Meeting Places  Please consult with your school’s COMPACT teacher/coordinator for the approved campus meeting places.  You may not meet with your student in the COMPACT classroom while lessons are being conducted.  You are, however, welcome to join the entire class for lessons, hear a guest speaker, or join the other events the teacher has scheduled.  Taking a student off campus should be a rarity and should only be done with the written permission of the student’s parents or guardians.

Discipline  All discipline concerns should be referred to the appropriate OCPS employee; however you may politely correct a student.

Communication When you are comfortable with your student, please give him/her your telephone number and specific instructions on how to leave messages for you.  It is suggested that you and your student exchange telephone numbers by the third meeting.

Confidentiality   Mentors must keep all information pertaining to students’ academic progress, attendance or behavior confidential.  Any discussion of a student is restricted to the student’s teachers, guidance counselors or administrators.

School Resource Persons OCPS personnel are available to assist you and your student.  In addition to the teacher/coordinator these include guidance counselors, and the SAFE coordinator who coordinates support groups and referrals to outside agencies.

Dress Code Mentors’ attire, must comply with the schools dress code.

Religion  Religion should only be discussed if it is from an historical view point and only if prompted by the student.

Find out how to become a Mentor for COMPACT!

CONTACT: (407) 294-3350