Marcia Davis, Jones High School COMPACT Coordinator (center) with mentor, Michelle Hamilton ( right ) and Jones High School student (left).

COMPACT’s Mission

A growing deficit in the educational system today causes too many children with tremendous potential to fall behind due to social, family or behavioral concerns.

The Orlando/Orange County COMPACT program is an education and business partnership aimed at addressing this issue, reducing the number of student drop-outs by providing mentors who challenge students to succeed and reach their maximum potential.

By creating positive relationships, concentrating on academic excellence and community service, the COMPACT program prepares students to become responsible, contributing members of society.

COMPACT is the longest, continually operating in-school mentoring program in the state. The relationship with the Orange County Public School System ensures that each mentored student receives approximately one hour per week with his/her mentor in a classroom setting, and fosters a learning environment that encourages students to concentrate on academic, behavioral and social skills.

The partnership between COMPACT and local businesses provides a unique perspective into the needs of the business community. By contributing as a mentor, sponsor, employer, or speaker at program events, businesses benefit from the accomplishments of each student who graduates from the program and goes on to become part of the educated, motivated employee pool.

There are several ways in which businesses can actively participate in the COMPACT program and positively impact our community:

  • Provide Mentors – while monetary donations are needed and very much appreciated, the greatest need is for mentors.
  • Allow employees to take one hour per week to volunteer within a traditional COMPACT program or adopt a school.
  • Sponsor one of our programs or offer financial contributions or in-kind donations.

COMPACT’s goal is to provide individual attention for each student. By encouraging one-on-one relationships, COMPACT aspires to increase the number of mentors by at least an additional 200 mentors.

Currently, approximately 400 mentors work with COMPACT students in grades 1st through 12th in 13 area schools. Since its inception in 1989, more than 10,000 students have benefited from the program.

COMPACT students are your future employees, business owners and professionals. By mentoring a COMPACT student or participating in the program in other ways, YOU can influence their lives and help shape your community’s future!